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Worldwide Diving Charters - Warts 'n All

Dive the World began life with the philosophy that we would only recommend those liveaboard operators we could honestly recommend to our own personal friends. We strive to get to know the diving safaris that we recommend to you, rigorously inspecting and analysing boats' service and safety records, eco-friendliness, value-for-money and of course - fun, we have come across many boats which we won't include in our websites.

Tropical liveaboard diving safaris in Indonesia - photo courtesy of Pelagian

We try to make our personal liveaboard inspection experiences of much more value to you, by providing trip reports which cover everything from the boat and its facilities, the staff, food and of course the diving and overall cruise experience. Although we cover a lot of information in our detailed product section, this is intended to be something a little extra.

Hopefully you will see and appreciate the difference between the marketing gloss of the operators' promotional materials and our honest appraisal, including the 'not so great' aspects of a diving charter which we feel you should be aware of. In some cases this might help you better prepare and avoid the same pitfalls as we encountered; in other cases it may be that "the beds are a little hard" for our intrepid reporter.

Select a trip report for the boat you are interested in from the listed below:

Australia Liveaboards

Osprey and Great Barrier Reef

Belize Liveaboards

Lighthouse Reef and Turneffe Atoll

Burma Liveaboards

The Mergui Archipelago

Costa Rica Liveaboards

Cocos Island

Ecuador Liveaboards

Galapagos Islands

Egypt Liveaboards

The Northern Wrecks

Fiji Liveaboards

The Fijian Islands

Indonesia Liveaboards

Banda Islands

Malaysia Liveaboards

Sipadan Island

Maldives Liveaboards

The Maldivian Islands

Mexico Liveaboards

Socorro Islands

Micronesia Liveaboards


Thailand Liveaboards

Hin Daeng and Phi Phi Islands


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